Glass sliding panels

About Glass Sliding Panels - Enjoy, free of wind and rain! Applicable for Lagune® and Camargue®

  • Glass sliding panels
  • Glass sliding panels + sun protection
  • 4 panels right
  • 4 panels left & right

Glass sliding panels lead to more comfort in your additional living space. When there is wind or rain, you can easily close these panels so you are protected.
You maintain your view outside because of the fully transparent glass panels. A small overlap of the panels guarantees ventilation and enough fresh air when your terrace covering is closed. 
To maintain the advantage of the sun protection the glass sliding panel can perfectly be combined with the vertical sun protection.
Invisible integration.

Warm during the intermediate seasons!

By closing the glass sliding panels, warmth is kept inside during the colder months of the year. In this way, you can enjoy your outside room even longer.

Simple operation!

The panels move fluent and noiseless on the bottom rail. Depending on the width, the panels can slide to the left, to the right or in both directions.
The wall can fully or partially be opened.
There exist different handles to operate the panels. You can open or close the panel with one fluent movement.

A lock for more safety!

By adding an extra lock, your terrace is protected even more against intruders. In this way, you can leave your furniture outside with an easy heart.

Easy maintenance!

The panels can easily be demounted to clean the glass. Because of the bottom rail’s design the water is easily led outside.